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Our service benefits are as follows:-

  • Proffers user friendly interface
  • Attractive and interesting applications
  • Social Media Applications
  • Music Players
  • Audio/Video recorder
  • Rich graphics and easy to navigate
  • Multi-touch functionality
  • Cost effectual solutions
  • Rich animation and graphics games

Mobile Applications and Entertainment that includes games, video Ring tones, wallpapers etc. combined with these media possess potential of large revenues and product advertising.

All over the world entertainment mobile application development is an active industry and n number of companies and individuals are burning the  midnight oil to show up their inventive, ingenious, and highly interactive applications.

Impiger develops customized 'Mobile applications' on Andriod, iPhone, Blackberry and J2ME Platforms in addition to end-to-end solutions in domains of mobile games and viral flash games. Impiger possesses a strong portfolio of mobile applications and games and follow Agile development methods from concept to execution of all our projects. We develop exclusive iPhone applications of which some are hosted in Apple’s iPhone app store.

Mobile phones are no longer just communication devices, but offer a whole host of multimedia and entertainment options. The phone is no longer used for talking, and most phones right from basic models, to smart phones and now tablets, offer a gamut of multimedia features.

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I have recently downloaded and used this featured apps which is helping me to give me some extra time what i may use during walking I highly recomend this apps to use even free version is very much effective now i love to use advance and paid version to get all features Thanks to developer of this apps i have used other similer one too but this one is the best one Kaushal

- Kaushal B. Patel from UK
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